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Proficiency Testing Provider

Proficiency testing programs are globally used as a key part of laboratory quality assurance. Good results in these programs ensures reliability for clients and plays an important role at the ISO 17025 accreditation process.

Programs offered:


Evaluates the laboratories work, guiding errors detection, allowing operational techniques improvement and propitiating measurements enhancement.


Assesses the accuracy of laboratory results, laboratory technician proficiency, difference between the results founded by different laboratory technicians, and the grouped repeatability variance value for each test technique.

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EPTIS Database

The PEP’s provided programs are registered in EPTIS database e can be found in this link.

Reference Material Provider

Reference Materials (RMs) are produced in accordance with ISO GUIDE 30-35. Laboratories use RMs to:

  • Chemical and microbiological tests control;
  • Equipment calibration;
  • Laboratory technician monitoring and evaluation;
  • Materials values control and assignment;
  • Methodologies development.

Its importance grows as the requirement for laboratory results precision increases, supporting traceability and reliability of the measurements.

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